PSB 2015-01

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Additional Info

This is a Product Service Bulletin for the Spectra reserve ripcords manufactured during 2014 and early 2015. If you have a ripcord that is affected by this bulletin, you will find instructions on an interim solution and how to order a new ripcord. At the bottom of this page there is also a short video demonstrating the interim solution being applied.

In order to help with the easy identification of Spectra reserve ripcords manufactured in 2015, which are not affected by PSB 2015-01, UPT will implement a color change of the data sleeve on Spectra reserve ripcords with the release of the PSB. New Spectra ripcords will have a YELLOW data sleeve.

Please be aware that only a limited batch of Spectra reserve ripcords with white data sleeves are affected, and LOT #s must be used as an identifier as per the PSB.

After replacement please destroy all Spectra reserve ripcords affected by this PSB.

Note to DZs:

Although UPT is communicating PSB 2015-01 through all standard channels, we sell most of our products through dealers, and do not have individual contact information for most owners. Therefore, it is possible that some jumpers will show up at your DZ with no knowledge of the PSB. Because of this fact, your manifest should post the PSB and check all UPT containers with Spectra reserve ripcords for compliance before allowing them to board an airplane. It would be beneficial if you had a can of Pure Silicone Lubricant available to help your customers comply with the PSB without delay. One can of silicone lubricant will probably handle a hundred or more containers. This same silicone spray is also ideal for lubricating 3-ring release cables, which also require monthly lubrication.

Note to UPT Dealers:

Please distribute this PSB to your Vector customers.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Contact Info

Although all replacement requests will need to be placed through the Spectra ripcord replacement form there will be staff available during our summer shutdwon should you have additional questions. Please email any questions to